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STEMCELL Lab is a privately-owned laboratory annexed to a full service Clinical Research Laboratory. The Clinical Research Team houses Reliable Research Laboratory.
Our team of scientists has been working together for over 25 years servicing public health facilities, clinical primary care sites of all sizes, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.
We have completed over 700 research trials catering to the requests of almost every major pharmaceutical company. Our expertise is in partnering with researchers to develop the actual protocols which will be submitted to the FDA for approval. Specifically our focus is in the Clinical Laboratory setting. Our laboratory is currently conducting trials to ascertain the safety and clinical correlation of a wide of array of chemical compounds that will in the end be used to enhance the quality of health care.


Our Medical Director, Dr. Hugo Romeu , first became interested in Stem Cell Research in 2012 during a trip to Israel. During this visit he met with many prominent young scientists involved in unique experimental incubator groups. The experiments ranged from maintaining extended viability of harvested stem cell products, to extracting human dna and injecting into plants in order to harvest a unique stem cell.
Our mission is to make the harvesting, storage and utilization of stem cells a safe and reliable option to all those in need. Our motto is “ Always Reliable”. Physicians and patients can count on Stem Cell Lab to harvest, preserve, store and safe guard your stem cells.

STEM CELL LAB is a work in progress. We are a lab within a lab . Our infrastructure is built with a sound foundation in Hematology, Blood Banking , Coagulation, Infectious Disease, Toxicology and Immunology.
Most stem cell storage sites do not have their own laboratory. Due to loose regulatory vigilance, simply because of the nuance of this industry, many donors are never guaranteed a safe and reliable process.


Our team handles blood on a daily basis. We are experts in processing, shipping and storage.
We will be involved from the moment the specimen is harvested, to the time when the specimen needs to be used.